Anti-Blemish Cream

Anti-Blemish Cream


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Haccer Anti-Blemish cream special formula helps pigment distribution and balance skin tone. DNage content prevents formation of new dark spots.

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It is highly recommended after cleansing, before make up but also can be apply whenever needed. Your skin will remain soft and silky until the next application. You will notice big improvement with your skin when you use “ Haccer Skincare Products “ regularly within your daily skin regime.

Delicate Ingredients effectively will support restructuring your skin and fight against pre-mature ageing.

This cream formulated for all type of skin, some skin need further moisturising. you can apply another moisturiser as you wish. we recommend you to use protective sun proof mositurisers min SPF15.

Using regularly will help to reduce unwanted dark spots on the skin.


OLIVE OIL: It has been known for centuries that “Olive oil “ is the source of health and beauty. It contains Vitamin E, A, D and K. These vitamins nourish the skin. Thanks to its Oleiprine content, cells are rejuvenated and your skin is invigorated. It is best and effective ingredient in preventing pre-mature ageing of the skin.

HORSE TAIL: It is known as one of the herbs found in beauty elixir of Cleopatra. Its mineral and salicylic acid content help acnes on your face diminish.

SESAME OIL: Thanks to its Vitamin E, protein, mineral and amino acid content, it nourishes the skin and protect against UV rays which causes sun stains/spots and pre-mature ageing.

CIDER VINEGAR: Beta carotene, primary substance of Vitamin A and Vitamin E are two important materials found in cider vinegar and they eliminate hazardous radicals causing ageing of the skin. PH value of cider vinegar is the same as the pH value of our skin. Natural vinegar balances acid layer of our skin and activates blood circulation in the epidermis and thus soothes and softens your skin. Besides, cider vinegar prevents development of fungi and bacteria minimise acne problems very effectively.


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