suitable for all ages

  • SOOP Home All-Purpose Surface Cleaner is an herbal oil-based natural cleaning spray. You can safely use it on all types of surfaces. It ensures perfect cleaning on kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, sofas, marble surfaces, laminated surfaces, glass and mirror cleaning at home, in the office, restaurants and saloons. It is also perfect for stainless steel/chrome type equipments. It does not leave any traces or spots. it cleans without any scratches and doesn't require rinsing.
  • Soop Vegan Baby product can be used to clean all accessories of your baby such as feeding bottles, dummy, plates, spoons, forks, feeding bottle nipples, milk pumps, toys etc. It has been specifically produced for babies and it has pure and chemical-free formula. The product is HYPOALLERGENIC & FRAGRANCE FREE. It does not contain chemicals like chlorine, SLES, phosphate, paraben, dye and petrochemicals.


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